It’s all my fault

It’s been two years since I wrote my first blog. Here I was thinking I was going to be this amazing blogger and who would of thought… I never came back.

For some reason today, out of nowhere, the thought came back to me that I wanted to document this recent shit going on.  I think it is to find some clarity. To find some reason why we do the things we do, and more importantly, why we let people do things to us that hurts. Hurts you to the core.  Hurts your soul.  And you just let them. Time and time again you let them hurt you.  You know it’s doing you damage. You know it’s changing you and you don’t walk away. So many opportunity’s go past, where you should of just walked away, or let him walk away.  Instead you keep the status quo and keep on keeping on.  Why the fuck do we do this to ourselves??  I certainly don’t like the feeling, but I continue to let this happen to me. It is all my fault.





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